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surely the wonders of nature
from fascinating fireflies to annoying ants
tender tulips and delightful daisies
furious morning fogs and massive mountains
broken-winded city gardens filled with weedy wildflowers
or gracefully gamboling grasshoppers

enjoy the engaging energy of the Earth
  vibrant vitality

2006. February

Until I'm young
I want to try jumping around to crazy music in my bedroom
till my head feels light and way to dizzy

Until I'm young
I want to walk barefoot through sand and rock
to feel the ground and enjoy the momentary connection with the earth

Until I'm young
I'll lay motionless in the sun for hours
concentrating on turning as red as a ripe cherry
so I can feel the pleasant pain of heat on my skin

Until I'm young
I won't worry about the future 'n' potential pain
when I'll look like a rotten banana from all the sun
when I'll have severe joint gout from all the jumping
and severe calluses on the soul of my feet from all the walking

Until I'm young
I will just think positive
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