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Holland is a piece of paradise

because there is so much to discover
because of the cacophony of cyclist
because of the beautiful boathouses
because of the crazy, crisscrossing canals
because individuality is worn with pride and not with shame
because life is more relaxed
because of the random positive interaction with people
because its a place of peace and acceptance
  dual identity

June, 2010. Baarle Nassau/Baarle Hertog

Two countries, two cultures and two towns all rolled into one small space. In Baarle Nassau/Baarle Hertog even homes are bisected by the frontier and residents follow an age-old “front door policy” whereby each household’s national affiliation – and public utility charge – is determined by the position of its entrance. As a visual aid, houses are flagged with number plates encircled by their national tricolour.
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